Hi. I'm from Malaysia. Ibu. 40an. 3 daughters. Hidup ala2 orang badwi (pindah randah).      

Sangat suka:

Bahasa Malaysia
Kek Chiffon
Tidur tutup telinga
Kopi Chek Hup
Drive dua kaki togel
Fridge Magnet
Dressmaking woot woot!

Tak suka:

Pizza & Pasta
Dada Ayam
Tidur lampu nyala
baca sokkabar besar..

My mother was a seamstress. I never wore baju kurung sewn by others until my mother is no longer able to sew full time. These days, she only does simple alterations or whatever that takes her fancy.

I hope no matter where I move and set up home in this world, this newly found inherited talent (talent ka?? lol..)  will stay with me. 

Enjoy reading! 

Much love,
Kak Lin

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